basset hound



Please let us introduce ourselves in a few sentences.


My name is Patricia Burunkai, my husband is Tamás Kovács.



I am a qualified dog cosmetician, but in civil life I work as an administrator, and I am also a college student. In my free time I do dog-assisted therapy in kindergartens, old people's home and health care centres with our two dogs (Orfi and Giny).


My husband is a private entrepreneur. His hobby, of course besides dogs, is do-it-yourself, and he prepares products depicting bassets.


My very first dog was Sherry, a German shepherd. Having spent 15 years with her, I felt I could never live without a dog. Since then, dogs have played a main role in my life.


My husband's childhood dream was to have a Basset Hound. Unfortunately, it was only in the summer of 2000 that we could buy our first tricolor female, Sheridan's Destiny ("Desty"). A few days later "Giny" (Szerdahelyi Meggi), a German shepherd arrived to be a friend and a yard-dog. Our plans at that time did not go beyond having two dogs running about in our garden.





A year later a friend of ours called upon our help to find a new home for her five month-old basset. As we knew and loved the puppy since he was eight months old, we immediately accepted the bicolor male, Efendi Orpheus ("Orfi").




After several successful shows, in 2002 we established
our kennel. We named it "MY DESTINY" after our first
dog's name, as she has really become my husband's
"destiny". It was one of Desty's photos that inspired
the creation of our logo.



In June 2003 we bought two bicolor puppies, Big Ben Dominik ("Beni") and Baby Dominik ("Honey"). Primarily we had only Honey on our minds, but for me Beni was love at first sight, so we returned home from Czech Republik with two puppies.




We spend every minute of our free time with them. We make a lot of excursions in the mountains and go to dog shows. We go, watch and learn wherever we can.


The MEOE Basset Hound Club was launched on 2nd August 2003, with the support of 107 enthusiastic members, with us as original members. The club sees to the matters of basset hounds exclusively, emphatically representing the interests of the breed as well as that of the club members. Presently I am a member of the club management.